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Thursday, September 5, 2013


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The fall semester is well underway and this is my third year teaching photography as an adjunct at the University of Tampa. In the final weeks of the spring semester, Anne Rowland, art director, commissioned my team to spend a full day photographing campus to update marketing and admissions imagery as fresh imagery for the upcoming commencement exercise was needed.

Documenting a campus is often art directed and choreographed with strict shoot day timelines as schools often have very specific objectives with programs and new curriculums coming online. Working without an agenda and having a full day to roam until two afternoon classes seemed at first to be a daunting challenge. Within a few steps of the parking lot, however, I noticed a student running the bleachers of the track in the early light. This proved to be an auspicious start to a successful day of university photography and some of the more successful results are posted below. 

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