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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


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The call came around 10am on a Monday morning and it was the type of photo assignment that you are always amped to receive. Golf World needed a custom portrait of legendary British golfer Sir Nick Faldo for a feature on his return to the British Open after retiring from professional play. The art direction was specific — they wanted an image of Faldo in front of his trophy cabinet wearing the classic yellow Pringles sweater that he wore for his 1987 Open victory. Much like Clark Kent, he would be pulling off a blazer to reveal the powerful lucky sweater. The catch was that the shoot needed to take place that afternoon at Faldo's home in Orlando. 

Jeremy Allen and I loaded gear, drew out a concrete plan of attack, grabbed lunch and raced to Orlando to be on site early. We were expecting to have between 15 and 30 minutes on location and hoped to capture two to three setups so the editors had a variety of options when heading to layout. They were under a tight deadline and we weren't expecting the feature on Faldo to be cover material but the shot had to be vertical so we planned to shoot it a bit loose just in case.

Preparation was the key for success with this photo shoot as it always is with celebrities or VIPs. We were in Orlando an hour before the shoot and pulled over in a parking lot ten minutes from the location to prep the gear. Strobe heads were locked into soft boxes and beauty dishes and we configured a minimal lighting kit prepared for the second set up.

"So you want to do a studio thing in the house?" Faldo asked upon seeing our gear loaded up in the driveway. His daughter Emma kept us entertained as we set scouted for locations and set up lights. You can see the behind-the-scenes images of the setups thanks to Jeremy who was able to capture them.

Second set up after primary shot with trophy case was completed.

Second set up with assistance by Emma Faldo.

Second set up by the golf bag collection. 

Third set up in the office with trophies.


Forty minutes later we were out the door with mission accomplished. The image ran on the cover just a few weeks later. Special thanks to Chris Odom for referring me for the shoot and to Drew Wright at Bauer Media for the opportunity to work on behalf of Golf World.

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