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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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As a photographer specializing in higher education, I am often tasked with documenting commencement exercises in a photojournalistic way. Stetson College of Law invited my assistant Jeremy Allen and I to capture the initial graduation procession into the courtyard on the west side of their Gulfport campus. The challenge was to set up lighting to overpower daylight and illuminate the architecture and students as they would be backlit by the rising Florida sun. 

Once the more than 300 students were almost to stage and the image was captured, we had to immediately scrub the lighting so as not to obstruct the spectator's view of the stage. Scouting, lighting tests and prior planning all came together to achieve a successful advertising image for Stetson to use in their marketing materials. 

We spent the remainder of the exercises capturing images of student success and documenting the faces of the class of 2013. Working as a team, Jeremy keyed in on the faces while I shot families and students. Congratulations to them all. 

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