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Tuesday, August 14, 2012




Photographer Jay Maisel harps on the importance of carrying a camera at all times and for good reason. It's tough to make pictures without it. “People say I always have my camera with me and that seems to them unique and what to me seems to me bizarre is that the other guys don't have their camera with them," says Maisel. "I mean it's so much easier to take pictures when you have the camera with you." The Santa Fe Workshops has published a very nice short video piece on Maisel that explores his vision here. I routinely reference this video when teaching the concept of a singular vision to my students.

The image above was captured from the second story perch of a cottage in Ballyvaughn, Ireland in County Clare. I was sharing this rather quaint hamlet with friends from New York as my close friend George Carleton was getting married nearby in the turret of Newtown Castle. Soon after dropping my bags, I was exploring the second floor and was stunned at the intersection of geographic lines within the window frame that looked out on the Burren countryside. There was a certain perfection of symmetry to the landscape and the interplay of color that demanded to be photographed. It was one of my strongest frames from the trip. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the red doors and how the house breaks up the continuing line from the hill behind the house to the road leading away...beautiful...Thanks for posting.

Sarah Turner

Joseph Gamble said...

Thanks Sarah for taking the time to read the blog. Much appreciated.

Travel Smaht.com said...

Gorgeous capture!

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