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Tuesday, July 24, 2012




Nantucket Island has always been good to me and  my return to the island last week was a nostalgia-filled remembrance of old times. I drove a taxi on the island during my summers away from Trinity College and ended up as a year-rounder working as the sports editor of the Nantucket Beacon newspaper after graduation. It was, and will always be, one of the best jobs that I have ever had as it taught me all aspects of the production of a weekly newspaper.  

E.L. Bates was a weekly contributor to the paper and he penned the fishing column for the sports section. His real name is Captain Dave Beaumont and he is one of the island's sharpies when it comes to catching big striped bass in the summer. We fished together often during my stint as a newspaperman (a.k.a. failed novelist) and my time on island was not only an apprenticeship as a writer but also as a fisherman. So, during my reunion visit to the island last week, Dave and I went fishing on the south shore at sunset and drank a few Cisco beers while the live eels swam in the surf zone. Tending the rods with a cold one in his hand, Dave made an ideal silhouette as the sun slipped away. We didn't land any keeper bass that night but we had the sunset to ourselves and it was great catching up after all these years. Thanks Dave!


Jim Goodlett said...

Stunner to say the least

Joseph Gamble said...

Thanks Jim for the read and the kinds words.

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