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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ultimate Photographer's Coffee Cup

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It's no secret that photographers often live or die on location as a result of being acutely attuned to their environment. Coffee has aided me in that process on countless occasions with early morning location work. A few years ago, I even used a Starbucks venti cup as a lighting snoot when doing a location portrait. I was in a pinch and it saved me.

Nick Lucey, a good friend and host of the upcoming second season of Into the Drink, shared a link to a cool new coffee mug fashioned after Canon 24-105mm lens. One of several slick gimmicky items for sale online at Photojojo! Store, the Camera Lens Mug is the ultimate mug for any photographer's cup of Joe.

Now that is one cool cup!

(photo appears courtesy of Photojojo! Store)

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