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Monday, September 20, 2010

Nikon Goes 1080p for Pros?

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Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis' video piece "Benevolent Mischief" gives the impression that Nikon has finally created a pro DSLR tool capable of high production video. The D7000 announced last week will do full 1080p HD video at 24fps as well as allow for an audio in line. Although the sensor on the camera is the DX format, which gives a 1.5 magnification to lenses, the video quality seems to imply that Nikon shooters like myself finally have a tool for professional level video work. I look forward to seeing some comparisons of the video quality to that of the Canon 5dmkII, a full frame DSLR which has been on the market since late 2008. Hopefully, Nikon is finally catching up.

Here is the video piece "Benevolent Mischief" courtesy of You Tube.

1 comment:

Shoki said...

Very nice look in full HD at 1080p. Matt's going to start shooting at 24fps. He's been at 30fps for some recent footage.

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