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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kodachrome's Swan Song

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Those final three rolls of Kodachrome 64 sitting in my fridge will be shot today as I head out into the field to do portraits on a friend's cattle ranch. Time is of the essence as I read today on Parsons, Kansas-based Dwayne's Photo web site that they will cease processing Kodachrome on December 30, 2010. It is truly the end of an era in photography as the unmistakable color rendition of Kodachrome fades into history at the conclusion of 2010, the year that is actually the film's 75th anniversary.

With little surprise, the final production roll of Kodachrome was given to National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry to shoot and process. He shot the roll earlier this summer and recently processed it but the results will not be published until spring of 2011 as part of a Geographic story. National Public Radio did a story on McCurry on this last roll here.

Photo appears courtesy of Daniel Bayer of the Kodachrome Project

1 comment:

Shoki said...

That was my film of choice for many years. I always had a thing for slides.

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