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Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple's Next Camera to Redefine Point and Shoot

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Apple has apparently filed patents recently to radically update the functionality of the camera technology that is currently built into the iPhone and iPod platforms as well as their desktop computers. Writing in an article in the New York Times, Nick Bilton describes how this new patent includes a dedicated smart flash that can target poorly lit aspects of an individual image. Essentially, fill flash with a brain.

It is likely that Apple's new camera component in the iPhone will legitimately replace the popular point and shoot camera for photographers. Since the 3G iPhone, the camera has garnered a foothold with the photography community. Seattle-based photographer Chase Jarvis can take much of the credit for popularizing the device as he uses it as a sketching tool when working in the field. He has also published a book of iPhone images, launched a web community and created an iPhone app.

I look forward to the day when the camera in the iPhone can shoot RAW and create image files that I can actually use in my portfolio. Until then....

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