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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Portrait of a Dancer

Sarah Lehmker and I bonded with talk of Paris so when it became time to do her portrait, I wanted a clean, crisp studio portrait as well as an action shot. Dance studios are full of mirrors so the lighting layout proved to be a bit of a challenge but the idea of using her reflection allowed for a spin on a more typical approach. We used a snoot aimed at the reflected face to fill the shadow and a set of lights through a diffusion scrim to provide the overall primary scene lighting.

With the remaining time that we had in the studio, we decided to have Sarah do some leaps and jumps into the light. These images were all about timing and preset focus and the results were very successful. Had I the opportunity to rethink this shoot, I would've installed several remote lights in the ceiling and triggered them remotely using a stroboscopic approach to the lighting.


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Grace said...

Lovely! I'm doing my own self-portait dance stuff because I don't think anyone else can do it I'm a ballerina when I have spare time). If you're not a dancer and don't know what certain positions (everything has a name)are called, or what they should truly look like, then the dancer will look BAD. Kudos!

Shoki said...

You have great skills Joe as both a writer and a photographer. I think you should come to NYC soon for a visit.

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